Why Travel to Spain

We work with the teacher to put an excellent itinerary together. All of our programs to Spain are created by the teacher and our office. There are no two itineraries alike and because each group is unique, so are the trips. A teacher’s lesson plans leading up to the time abroad influence the locations that he wants his students to see. For example, learning about history and the influence of religions on a people may bring the group to the Alhambra in Granada to see the fortress built in 889 during the reign of the Moors. Others learn about famous Spanish artists and therefore visit the Prado Museum or the Picasso Museum to take in the wonders before their very eyes; where the textbook comes alive. Often a teacher has traveled to Spain before and knows of some wonderful off-the-beaten-path neighborhood with a friendly restaurant that serves tasty paella. Some groups prefer spending more time at the beach enjoying the sun and sand of the Mediterranean Sea.

Spain is one of the top visited countries in the world. Its history, architecture, food, celebrations and people have drawn people to Spain for centuries. Pamplona in northern Spain is world famous for the San Fermin celebrations which include the running of the bulls. Seville in the southern part of the country has two famous celebrations. Semana Santa, Holy Week, brings pilgrims from around the globe to participate in the processions leading up to Easter. La Feria, the Fair, in April is a more festive event with music, traditional clothing, food, amusement park rides and fireworks for families to enjoy. This welcoming city is where our students are hosted by the Spanish families for the teachers that choose to include a family stay. From bull fights and matadors to flamenco dancing and guitar, there is something for everyone in this diverse country.

During the school year and before departure, we help the teacher incorporate lessons about Spain into their classes. This includes lessons about the vast Spanish history and the influence of several cultures and religions such as the Romans, Visigoths, Christians and Muslims among others. During our trips we introduce the students to different aspects of the Spanish culture and we connect what they learned in class to the places they visit during their tours. The explanations and activities at different sites are short and entertaining to make sure that the students maintain interest.

Our trips go beyond sightseeing. We incorporate learning into our programs. It is a proud moment to see a student give a presentation to the group about Roman culture and architecture while standing at one of the bridges in Cordoba that was built by the Romans. These student presentations are researched and planned before departing the US and give each student a moment to shine. Or what about a “photo contest” of the Alhambra where one of the students receives a special ice cream for taking the best picture of the Alhambra followed by an explanation of the Muslim or Christian influence in the architecture.

Our trip to Spain is full of sightseeing, learning and fun. Seeing a student connect classroom learning to a real-life experience is an exciting moment. Appling grammar, and speaking abilities in order to connect with the Spanish people and culture is what student travel is all about. Come join us as we discover Spain!