1. How does Educational Programs find host families?
We have worked with a group of family stay coordinators for several years. They will look for families among their neighbors, church congregations, social circles, relatives, etc. Our coordinators will visit each home and prepare each family for this experience. We do not advertise in newspapers as many other student travel companies do. We do not deal with host families that host students as a business.

2. How does Educational Programs prepare the host families?
Preparing both the students and the host families is key for the success of the program. We take the preparation of the host families very seriously. They receive plenty of information about cultural differences, language barriers, code of conduct and medical issues among other things.

3. Are the families aware of the Code of Conduct?
Yes. Families are informed and reminded of the importance of our Code of Conduct. Families that do not help students follow this code will be removed from our family pool.

4. When does the teacher in the U.S. receive the family stay information?
Usually, 3 weeks before departure. We will include phone numbers and emails (if the host family has one) so both the students and the families can begin their communication.

5. What kind of hotel accommodations do you use?
We use some of the best hotels (3 stars or better) in each of the areas we visit.

6. Where does the teacher stay during the family stay?
The teachers can decide if they want to stay with a host family or at a hotel.

Medical Insurance Details

1. What kind of medical insurance does Educational Programs include in the program price?
We include a basic medical insurance in case the student has a medical need while abroad. This insurance will pay for all medical charges up to $20,000. The student or teacher needs to pay the bill, but keep the receipts. They will then be reimbursed here in the U.S. We also recommend that you check with your medical insurance company of any benefits you may have with them while traveling abroad.

2. Does the program include a Cancellation Insurance?
No. We recommend that you buy separate cancellation insurance.