1. Preparation

After your school has enrolled in one of our programs, your classroom will be visited by one of our staff members at least twice during the year. We will prepare the teachers, the students and the parents for this wonderful adventure. We will introduce topics such as history, slang, traditions, money and food. We will also prepare your students for the family stay (if part of the itinerary) to make sure their family experience goes as smoothly as possible.

2. Social Service Opportunities (OPTIONAL)

We believe that your students will benefit enormously by participating in a service project as part of their experience **. Your students, your school and your community can participate in this project by sending donations to one of the organizations we work with. We can include a visit to one of these locations as part of your itinerary:

– Hospicio de Huerfanos
– Hogar de Ancianos
– Escuelas de areas rurales
* * Your school is not required to participate in this service project.

3. Travel Experience

The group will be visiting some of the most breath taking sites in the country. We use only the top hotels in the regions we visit. All accommodations, transportation, tours and meals are arranged carefully for the complete enjoyment of the teachers and students.

4. Family Stay (OPTIONAL)

This is by far the best opportunity for your students to experience culture and daily life. Only the best families are chosen to be part of this program.
Our families will be prepared by the coordinators to receive the students into their homes. Please go to the FAMILY STAY section of this page for more information.